Interior doors and armored security doors

At Portex you will find reliable solutions, custom-crafted interior doors and armored security doors, to meet your own requirements and specifications.


Three generations of experience in wood processing.

From planning till the implementation of ideas and from production process, to the final product. Our company is equipped with the latest technology, in wood manufacture and with well-trained staff, ready to provide you, with high quality services and materials, respecting the uniqueness, with consistency in the integration and delivery of each project.

Our factory facilities located in the industrial area of Thermi (Thessaloniki), with installed showroom for the presentation of our products and skilled decorator, to help you choose the right based on your needs solutions.

Interior doors

Reliable solutions for every application

Interior doors

Interior doors

A rare opportunity to purchase customized, finely detailed, interior doors with top notch finishes.

Portex presents sophisticated wooden doors. Our door panels are pressed with mdf 6mm thickness, designed in perfect perimeters and fixed within finger-joints, to avoid bending. The frames of our doors are constructed with solid wood (blockboard : solid wood cut in pieces and then joined together to ensure stability over time).

You can select the door panel and frame + cover coated with wood veneer surface (with the option of wood type and wood color shade, laminate surface or lacquered surface.


We are constantly in line with new materials and resources, that come into the market and we utilize modern materials that are rarely available in the competitors’ mass production factories.

We produce our products from scratch, and every of our door features is carefully selected and quality crafted. Our locks are well-built and super effective, from AGB. We use interior key locks, magnetic key locks, safety key lock, multiple locks, hook type lock etc. Feel free to order from our wide variety of door options, some of which are; double doors, folding doors, sliding doors, glass doors, invisible doors (hidden hinges).


We also offer services for special door decorations (custom pantograph designs or aluminium inlays, natural stone veneer inlays, and more). We have a perfect understanding of what your needs are and we are willing to meet those needs.

Θωρακισμένες πόρτες ασφαλείας

Security and high aesthetic

Armored doors

Armored security doors

Our Armored doors are fabricated in such a way, that they are maintenance free and will not fade or warp. They are made of 3 vertical galvanized strips on the interior side of the door, Galvanized leaf at the exterior side of the door, plus an additional bar on the downside of the door panel, to prevent it from bending over time.

Also, an adjustable air stop rubber, is placed under the door panel, which covers the space separating the door from the floor, when the door is shut. We utilize Cipierre IT01-100% certification Italian made Security locks, plus a cylinder with steel defender by MG Serrature.

Beauty and protection

Armored door is a creativity that depicts the magical blend, of state of the art technology and traditional craftsmanship, this is what makes it a front runner door, it has everything it takes to make your home beautiful, protected and strong.

Our services

Our services are well approved by the regulatory bodies. We have acquired a lot of experience and skills since the last couple of decades, which we use to serve you better. As a matter of fact, we have been able to invest our wealth of experience, into our service in a great measure, so much that it has brought huge success to our company. Our company is among the top door manufacturing companies, that offer top notch services and we are recognized as one of the leading door companies in Greece.


Feel free to choose from our compendium of designs, we have sets of breathtaking grand doors in varying designs professionally made for you.

Surfaces for armored security doors


Design your doors

Design your door model.

Select the surface of your doors.

Apply the decoration.

We will construct your doors according to your dimensions, with the finest raw materials available in wood working industry.


Door decorations

Designs for interior doors and armored security doors

Inox designs

Available for interior and security doors with lamiate surfaces. The designs are curved in 3mm depth in the surface of the door panel, adjustable in the dimensions of doors. Inox decorative lines (5mm thickness) are applied.

Classic panel designs

Interior doors with classic panel designs. Available for doors with laminate surfaces.

Pantograph designs (CNC)

Available for interior doors and armored security doors with wood veneer or lacquered surfaces. The designs are curved in 3 mm depth in the surface of the door panels, and are adjustable in the dimensions of doors.


Available for interior doors.

Tradition and innovation

In an ever-evolving industry influenced by trends, it is important that what remains, is dependable and meets the needs of an assorted audience. Portex does this, as we offer a design product that is timeless and appeals to different industry professionals, within the home and design area.


QUality construction

Our doors undergo a series of inspections prior to delivery and are thoughtfully delivered, packaged with protection foil, encased inside a wooden box to ensure safe arrival. Our doors are engineered, with the finest mdf and pinewood materials and are intended, to withstand extended time and usage.


Where design is to be considered, Portex is a pioneer in our industry, as we are positioned to offer both unconventional and time-honored custom pieces, from selection of unlimited combinations and design options.

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