Advanced interior doors

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Advanced interior doors

A rare opportunity to purchase customized, finely detailed, Advanced interior doors with top notch finishes.

Portex presents sophisticated wooden doors. Our door panels are pressed with mdf 6mm thickness, designed in perfect perimeters and fixed within finger-joints to avoid bending. The frames of our doors are constructed with solid wood (blockboard : solid wood cut in pieces and then joined together to ensure stability over time).

You can select the door panel and frame + cover coated with wood veneer surface (with the option of wood type and wood color shade or laminate surface or lacquered surface.

Advanced door construction

We are constantly in line with new materials and resources that come into the market and we utilize modern materials that are rarely available in the competitors’ mass production factories.

We produce our products from scratch and every of our door features is carefully selected and quality crafted. Our automated locks are well-built and super effective; they include interior key locks, magnetic key locks, safety key lock, multiple locks, hook type lock etc. Feel free to order from our wide variety of door options, some of which are; double doors, folding doors, sliding doors, glass doors, invisible doors (hidden hinges).

We also offer services for special door decorations (custom pantograph designs or aluminium inlays, natural stone veneer inlays, liquid glass inlays and more). We have a perfect understanding of what your needs are and we are willing to meet those needs.

Our reputation for delivering superior quality doors has greatly influenced our rating globally and we share allegiance with customers all over Greece, both small homes, and large commercial buildings. However, choosing our service is a great decision because we don’t compromise on our commitment to delivering best quality products.

When you contract us for your door project, you are sure of a faster turnaround unlike most other door companies, because we value customers’ time and achieving customers’ satisfaction is our topmost priority. Also, during our contract with you, our experts will make a more objective overview on the size and design of the door that you need.

Our factory is managed by professionals that are highly skilled and licensed to deliver professional services within agreed time. We will help you to fulfill your order and to cut down on costs by offering you products at competitive prices.

Every of our products have high durability value, they come with state of the art designs that suits all premises and they are fully guaranteed.

Our products are among the best value money can buy and every user of our products enjoy the reward that comes with quality

Door type and special doors

There are different types of doors to cover special application needs. Double doors for bigger wall openings, doors with glass providing light and visibility through the door panel, sliding doors for limited space sizes for internal and external application, folding doors for limited entry spaces in standard and hidden hinge constructions, double direction doors to provide easier passing, with aller retur hinges , doors with hidden hinge for advanced interior design applications, decorative frames and lofts.

Our special doors can be produced with lacquered, wood veneer and laminate surfaces.


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